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MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) is the primary medical qualification awarded upon graduation by the medical schools in medicine and surgery that follow the tradition of the United Kingdom. Medical schools in Nepal, India, Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, etc. award MBBS as the primary medical degree to practice medicine.

The eligibility to study medicine in Philippines is Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. or B.S.).One cannot directly join a medical course in Philippines after 10+2 or A level .Therefore, Philippines is not a right choice for 10+2 graduates. The basic medical degree awarded by a medical institution in Philippines is not MBBS but MD which is equivalent to MBBS.

The basic medical degree to practice medicine in Russia, East European countries and break away countries of former Soviet Union is known as MD and the course duration is 6 years plus one year internship after graduation.

Goals And Objectives Of MBBS Program

Diagnose and manage common health problems of the individual and community appropriate to his/her position as a member of the health team at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

Be competent to practice preventive, curative and rehabilitative medicine in respect to the commonly encountered health problems.

Practice Evidence Based Medicine, appreciating the rationale for different therapeutic modalities and be familiar with the administration of “essential drugs” and their side effects.

Appreciate the psycho-social, cultural, economic and environmental factors affecting health and develop human attitude towards the patients/ relatives, in discharging one’s professional responsibilities.

Be familiar with the various National Health Programs and the ways in which they are being implemented.

Acquire basic management skills in the area of materials financial and human resource.

Demonstrate communication skills, both verbal and written to establish effective communication with the clients (patients, relatives and general public), health team partners and scientific community.

Develop attitude for self learning and acquire necessary skills including the use of appropriate technologies for pursuing self directed learning for a life time.

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