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Fees Structure Of UESTC | NSCI

Fees Structure Of  UESTC


 The fee structure showed in this webpage are only for the students enrolled in the 2019 Academic Year.

FeesCategoryTerm and MajorsCost
ApplicationAll Applicants (Non-refundable)¥420 (≈USD $60)
TuitionUndergraduateChinese-instructed¥15,000 /year
English-instructed¥20,000 /year
Dual Degree Program (Software Eng. & Mgt)¥25,000 /year
MasterChinese-instructed¥25,000 /year
English-instructed¥25,000 /year
PhDChinese-instructed¥34,000 /year
English-instructed¥34,000 /year
LanguageChinese Language¥14,000 /year
DormitorySingle Room ¥12,000 /year
(Only for Degree students.  Not available for language students )(Only for PhD students)
Double Room (Two in a room)¥6,000 /year
(For PhD, master, undergraduate students)
Medical Insurance ¥800 /year
(Paid to the life insurance company and university,  Subsidized by the university )
Physical Examination Less than 
(Paid to Entry-Exit Inspection & Quarantine Bureau)¥500 /time
Residence Permit ¥400 /year
(Paid to Public Security Bureau by candidate )
Bedding Items for DormitorySubsidized by the university
(Pillow, bed sheet, blanket, mattress etc. )
Text Books Differs from school specialties
Living Cost ¥1,000- ¥1,500/month
( Depends on your personal budget )

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